Friday, October 19, 2007

News reporter joins the Knights' Party - exposed one of their local Kansas members

To the left is Peter Rugg. He writes for the Kansas Pitch. The Pitch is owned by some dyke and is very Jew friendly.
Rugg joined the Knights' Party by using a fake name. This happens a lot when you deal with the Knights' Party. A simple background check would have stopped this. Thom Robb does not care about you or the future of your children. He only cares about the monthly checks that people send in.
Not only did Rugg join, but he exposed a local member. This has led to death threats toward this member and his family. And what did Thom Robb do? Nothing. He is not a leader. Robb does not care about his people. As long as you send money in, anyone can join. Like you have seen here already, the Knights' have had black state leaders in the past. Here is the story that Rugg wrote on the Knights. Read closely. He proves how fake this Klan group is.