Monday, January 21, 2008

Jessica Gray: Admits that dogs can join the Knights Party

Seen above is Jessica while she stares down the pot roast and cake.

Staff - It amazes me how people will deny things then turn around and openly admit it later on down the road. for months Jessica Gray claimed a "dog" was not part of the Knights Party.

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Although it is off topic, I find it interesting that your members have soooo much free time and money that they can join other groups to troll and surf their web boards just to create problems. Says quite about about your member's charcter. Maybe I should sign up for the ANSWP under my dogs name, or maybe just one I pull out of the phone book. - Jessica Gray

Staff - She admits she may sign up for the ANSWP to return the favor since they did that to the Knights Party. One problem, Bill White does background checks and doesn't live off of movement money like Thom Robb...

Debbie Downey - KKK Mascot Whore?

Staff - Again, these are not the words of anyone here at Christian Frauds. These are from a nearly four year old thread at VNN. The thread can be found here,

Let me guess. You are affiliated with Klunt Downey.

Klunt and Ksludge Downey's goings-on are legendary within CI. Klunt herself, when accused with the goods I had gotten NEVER denied the truth of the allegations that she had been the sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan, and that her ex-husband the Grand Dragon made her the 'entertainment.' At least she didn't deny it back in March-April 2002. Instead she whined and screetched that I was spreading 'malicious gossip.'

This past summer, she tried to do some damage control by making the fact that she was a whore to be all her ex-husband's fault. She also tried to figure out who had given me the info by claiming that 'only two' women might have been the source, when in fact, it could have been the wives of any of the Klansmen who enjoyed her favors. I'm pretty careful of my sources.

I gave her the name of 'Klunt' for obvious reasons. She obviously thought that being the wife of the Grand Dragon gave her the right to be second from the top, when in fact she was almost always on the bottom. 'Klailiff' indeed. She may have been 'vice-president' of her Klan according to her, but she had much to do with putting the 'vice' into that office/orifice.

Most of my sources say that Ksludge Downey is even more odious. A liar, a sneak, and a cheat who tries to back-stab the One-Seedliners like Barley and Peters. Is it any wonder that the One-Seedliners despise them both, nearly as much as us Dual-Seedliners? That is why the only idiots who believe that Klunt and you are genuine Identity females are the WN-lite fools at Stormfront?

I have my suspicions as to your genuine identity. You are either a fool or a liar, I suspect both, regarding what Peters teaches. Peters is leery of us Dual-Seedliners because we have criticised some of his teachings in the One-Seedliner mode. However, somebody is going to be in charge of the One-Seedliners and it might as well be Peters, as opposed to real baal-priests like Barley and Wieland.

Insofar as your behavior is concerned, it is no wonder that you cause mischief with your lesboskank femnishevikism between CI and non-CI Movement people. Where is the man who is responsible with his life for your behavior? Obviously, you are just a wild cunt wasting air running your mouth and causing trouble without any masculine supervision in defiance of YHWH's Law. It sure didn't take long for even the unbelievers to figure out that there was something wrong with you. Garrett doesn't know much of CI dogma, but he got you pegged quick enough.

The only thing which passes your [nether] lips of value will be cannon-fodder for Christian Israel, because obviously you don't have much, if anything for a brain. And if you are who I think you are, there is a reason why you have been banned from every little Dual-Seedline congregation in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. Not a single church elder wants a repeat of having you sling your douchebag across his chops.

That is the good thing about Christian Identity. A Christian Israelite has the Law of YHWH written on their heart. I've NEVER had an argument with a genuine Christian Israelite woman EVER because a genuine Christian Israelite woman NEVER argues with a Christian Israelite man, especially any man who is not her husband, father, or brother. There is a reason for I Corinthians 14:34-35.

I am not angry at Klunt Downey because she was a whore, who whored with only token resistance at her ex-husband's command. ZOGland is full of sluts. I didn't know or care to know of her. I have no personal animus against her, until I was enraged when that lying, sneaking evil bitch dared to lift up her hand to an Elder and Teacher of the Faith, who even if he erred and was naive to be used as cover by baal-priest agents provacateur, was writing and expounding on the Law of YHWH to the milk-bibbers. I knew full well then Klunt was not one of us, and so I asked for, and received confirmation of her conduct.

The Sword of YHWH shall start first in YHWH's House. You shall be cut off unless you learn obedience starting with the man who is in charge of you and responsible for your behavior with his very life. I doubt that you are in obedience to any Christian Israelite man.

Insofar as the rest of this Forum is concerned: This female is NOT one of us. She is merely a stray bitch under the dominion of no man. You may treat her as such if you catch her running your sheep or killing your chickens.

--Martin Lindstedt
A Defender of the [Dual-Seedline] Faith