Sunday, November 25, 2007

Five Lies at Part II

1-It has long been the belief of Pastor Robb that the Klan needed to get back into the political scene.

Really? Robb has been in charge since 1989. Can he provide a list of all his members who have ran for public office? I can answer that for you. No. His group is nothing more than a mailing list of suckers who donate to him monthly.

2- A. Become the leader of the White racialist movement
Through a strong organized show of leadership

Yes, the drunks like Bobby Malick and Andy Haskins. What a "strong" leadership they are.

3-Unit Recruiter - A Man or woman who has obtained the rank of Knight can apply by way of application to be a unit recruiter. A minimum of a high school diploma or G.E.D. is required.

Explain Randy Gray then.(high school drop out)

4- The highest rank is that of Knight . Not everyone seeks to earn that position as it is reserved for only the most dedicated and loyal.

Cough, cough. Actually, you buy and pay for your rank as you go.

5- Mr. Robb has been a powerful spokesman the past 30 years for the white rights movement.

What has Robb done in the past 10-15 years? Ask yourself the following -

1) Where was Robb at speaking out against the Jena 6?

2) Where was Robb at in Knoxville?

3) Where was Robb at during the Norfolk attack?

4) Where was Robb at during the Tony Finch trial?

He was too busy doing nothing. What a "leader".

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Knights' Party - Making people pay for information

Take a look at this The Knights' Party charge $5.00 for "information". Nearly 90% of this same crap can be found at their website. What a scam!!

Most groups will send you information for free. Look at the ANSWP for instance. They send people free magazines for free. And no, not a back cover like the Knights' Party who charges for a back cover. They will send you an entire magazine for free. I recently wrote the BOK and they too sent me a free information packet. If those two groups can do that, why can't the Knights' Party?

They are "America's Largest Pro-White" group as they claim. They should have tons of money to send free sample copies then. Then again, we know all of that to be lies. What another Jewish rip off by these con-men.

Knights' Party - ripping people off by selling Klan Robes

Like Jews, the Knights' Party love to rip their membership off. I was taking a look at some paperwork I had gotten while a member myself. I also took a look over their members Only Site at They charge $130 and up for a Klan Robe. What a rip off.
You can e-mail the owner of and ask for his pricing. He sells his robes for $85. And they are the same exact robes! If he can sell them that cheap, why do the Knights' Party sell them for nearly $50 more? Easy, they pocket the rest of the extra cash. Other words, they screw you!
Even the people at Rebware( sell their robes cheaper than the Knights' Party. And they make the best robes on the market. Again, if they can make robes that cheap, why can't the Knights' Party?
This is just another scam created by the Knights' Party. People, how many lies do I need to point out until you wake up? These people call themselves Christians and yet, lie over and over again. If this is our last hope in America we are screwed.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Knights' Party - Their love of booze

The Knights Party claim to be "Christian". Their leader, Thom Robb, claims to be a "real man" of God. Sometimes we are unclear on who this "god" is.

Listen, I know many people who drink. I have no issue with that. But, there is a different of drinking and being a drunk. Drunks are people who let drinking take over their lives. They miss work due to drinking. They abuse their wives due to drinking. They mistreat their children due to drinking. Some even kill people due to drinking. These people are known as "Drunks".

As a Christian, drunks can never be tolerated. You would think the Knights Party would believe the same. However, they seem to turn a blind eye on drunken membership. This is a fact they cannot deny.

Up until around 2005 or so, Bobby Malick was part of their "HQ" staff. Bobby was a known drunk. He was known to drink Moonshine, Whiskey and Vodka. Even during the Knights' Party annual Klan Congress, Bobby would attend drunk. Did the Knights' Party kick him out? Not even close! He is still an active member. And they are Christians? Did Thom-boy miss the part of drunkenness being a sin in the Bible while attending Bible college?

Their Indiana leader, Andy Haskins, took drinking to a whole new level. Haskins took a job as a truck driver in early 2006. He was caught drunk while behind the wheel. Haskins was arrested and charged with a felony. You can easily search his public records for the proof. Again, is this Christian behaviour?

Now, we cannot confirm the next person as being a drunk. But ex members of the Knights Party who belong to the IKA, BOK, Empire Knights, Bayou Knights, and National Knights all have reported Rachel Pendergraft, Thom Robb's daughter is also a drunk. Now, we have no proof of this and nor are we claiming this to be fact. However, isn't it odd that she being in charge of membership does nothing while members are known drunks? Very odd if you ask me. To be honest, I wouldn't doubt if the claims about her are true. It makes perfect sense. We have been told Rachel has a lust for Crown Royal Whiskey and Bud Light.

Fake Members who don't exist - more lies from the "Christian" Leadership of the Knights' Party

For Christians, these people sure lie a lot. Since the Knights’ Party is a dying breed, they make up fake members. I feel bad for the new people who do sign up for the Knights. They are going to send you information with lies. Many of you will even get letters signed by “fake people” who don’t exist. And yet, the ‘Christian Leadership” of the Knights will send this false information to you.

Any Knights’ Party members out there reading this? If so, please answer this question to yourself. Have you ever gotten a letter from any of the following people or seen their name on the Crusader?

1 – Cynthia O’Grady

2 – Paul Jefferson

3- Paul Shepard

When I joined, I got a letter signed by Mrs. O’Grady. Did you know none of the above three people exist? However, the “Christian Leadership” of the Knights’ Party claim them do. Not only that, they claim they work at their National HQ. All lies!

Now, ask yourself this second question. Have you attended any of their events such as Klan Congress, their Christmas function or their Walk for White Pride? If so, have you ever met any of the above three people? I know for a fact you have not? And you know why? They don’t exist! You have a better chance of meeting a Zombie then these three made up characters.

Ask yourself this third question. Why would “Christians” lie about such nonsense? Easy, they are frauds.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pastor Visser Speaks out on Mark and Debbie Downey of the Knights' Party

None of this was written by the staff here at Christian Frauds. This information was written by Pastor Visser. His website(which I hope you will read over) can be found at

A Seedliner asked: Why did Jezebel finally ban you? Over doctrine?

Seedliner,This is a question I had hoped wouldn’t show up here as I cared less about being “banned” from such an antichristian forum in the first place. However, since certain self-professed “children of Satan” have decided to slander me while I’m unable to defend myself I suppose a few words of clarity are in order. Like Clifton Emahiser, Pete Peters or anyone else who believes in a literal Satan, I also have gone the same route of having my hands tied behind my back by the jew while they tirelessly slander me behind my back. It’s no surprise, really – by their “fruits” you know them.This brings me to addressing certain lies that have been stated about me this week:First and foremost – Klaliff never once “put her reputation on the line to get Visser back here” as she’s recently stated.

If Debra Downey had any bearing in my short return to Stormfront then it’s certainly the first time I’ve ever heard of it. In fact, had such a woman with questionable morals even asked me if she could’ve spoken for me I would’ve declined the offer (more on this later). The first time I was actually banned by Grand Inquisitor for making death threats towards jews and pagans but allowed back on the boards after promising to never make the same “mistake [sic] again.” It was due to countless phone calls that I made on my own behalf that I was allowed to return to the Christian Identity sub forums at Stormfront. No more, no less.Secondly, I was banned this second (and final) time for simply holding a different opinion on doctrine. After releasing Judaism Has No Devil I was met with demerit points by Klaliff on EVERY SINGLE post I made (irregardless of content). After reminding her that I once again desired a debate with her effeminized “husband” (more on this later) for his recent attacks on Clifton Emahiser I was told by private message that my “type of Satan-worshipping tripe was no longer welcome at Stormfront.” Not the CI sub forums – Stormfront, period. Hell hath no fury like a whore who’s power-tripping.

Finally, after pointing out that the Bible considers women who leave their husband for another man as an adulteress (Romans 7:2-3) I was quickly banned, had my website removed from the “CI Link List” thread and had my last twenty-or-so posts deleted in the hopes that nobody would notice. Naturally, the e-mails began to pour in and numerous other WN message boards picked up the story on their own.Now, for what “really” lead up to my banning:On April 20th (Hitler’s birthday) I received an e-mail from Debra Downey claiming that Mark had “beaten her severely” and threw her “out on the street with her two cats.” She claimed she had nowhere else to go and asked if I might be able to help her out with shelter or possibly money for a bus ticket back to Washington State. After e-mailing her for more information, in her next e-mail (which she claimed she was writing from a public library) she explained that Mark Downey had been in correspondence with both the ADL and SPLC and doing his part in trying to destroy seedline ministries. She even claimed she was against such actions and this lead to their domestic dispute.Naturally, I smelled a rat but it wasn’t Mark Downey as I’ve always figured he was a ZOG agent (at least pro-jewish doctrinally) – the rat I smelled was Debra Downey herself. As I figured it was a trap I never responded to her second e-mail and less than a week later I was banned without further explanation.The fact of the matter is I feel I was banned for teaching what Wesley Swift, Richard Butler, Ray Redfeairn, Pete Peters and practically every other Christian Identity adherent has taught – seedline. It’s from this seedline doctrine that we derive the term “Christian Identity” and my banning has certainly opened many eyes to the double-standard and continual man-bashing going on by Mark Downey’s makeshift “wife.” Support for CPM has actually INCREASED in spite of my banning (which is how it was the initial time) and because of the enormous loss of time posting over there I’m choosing not to even bother requesting “re-instatement.”

I simply have no desire to be coached and ruled over by a whorish woman who’s living in sin with her makeshift pastor.Speaking of which, several months ago Mark Downey had even contacted me desiring to be ordained because my “ordination was only thrice removed from Wesley Swift.” When I told him it would be degrading to the memory of Swift, Butler and Morris Gullet to ordain a non-seedliner he went on the warpath attempting to discredit ALL seedliners. Both he and his lover began continually attacking seedline even though it’s taught in the Bible, the prophet Enoch and the early church fathers. To them, I became the enemy when I changed my signature to “War for Christ.” To them, I became a threat to their teaching that their own flesh IS Satan (even though I believe that they’re both wicked). This seems to be a continual cycle with them both as they’ve done similarly to CSCS, numerous Yahoo message boards and of most recently – Clifton Emahiser himself.There’s a lot more to tell but I honestly hope I never have to. While I assume their only option will be to state that I’m “slandering” it should be stated that I never believed EITHER of their bogus stories.

I would never ordain an obvious snake like Mark Downey nor would I open my home to an adulteress (much less allow her to usurp position over me as Mark seemingly has). I simply have much more Biblical wisdom than that – there ARE NO non-seedline Klansmen, lol.Be sure to read my recent series on angels – it’s my hope that by studying each particular angel the reality of Satan (the fallen one) will eventually take focus. Many have been lead aside by the imposters and CI false prophets MUST give the appearance that they’re Christian – that snake is right here in our midst. Truthfully, I’ll be the first to behead such pitiful abominations when given my chance.More about Kluntliff here.Up the Irons and War MORE for Christ,

This made the staff here at Christian Frauds laugh

Taken from -

2007 National Christmas Fellowship Conference
December 1st and 2nd
at the White Christian Revival Center at Harrison, AR
Speakers, holiday banquet, Heritage Connection band, Children's activities including cookie decorating, games, and Bible lessons -meet wonderful Christian families who share your concerns. Motels nearby, white heritage books and souvenirs available. All White Christian patriots invited.

Staff - Wonderful Christians? Now that is too funny. Yes, people who lie and lie as we've proven so many times here at Christian Frauds. For those who don't know, 12-15 people at best normally show up for this event. Don't forget, this is "America's Largest Pro-White Organization".

Friday, November 16, 2007

Knights' Party Lie about Membership Size

For Christians, these people lie a lot. Is Thom Robb Jewish? I am starting to wonder with all the lies I see coming from this group. Here is what they claim at - "America's Largest White Organization". Really?

The truth is - Today, they're in paltry eighth place, out of 34 Klan organizations, with six chapters. Taken from Mark Potok of the SPLC.

Staff - We hate to quote Mark Potok, but he is actually right here for the most part. Actually, three of the "chapters" aren't even chapters. Potok still list for instance, the Knights' Party in Fairdale, KY. That unit no longer exists. Two other units aren't even units. The Newport, TN unit is nothing more than a website. The unit in Concord, AR is also a fake. It's one guy - Richard Hensely.

Like always, the leadership of the Knights' Party lies. How dare they claim to be the largest pro-white group when they aren't even the largest KKK group.

Jessica Gray - a "Christian" woman that lies

Many times in the past, I've read so many lies on various forums by Jessica Gray. A while back on VNN she claimed she did not know who Andy Haskins was.

Now, I find this funny for a few reasons -

1) First off, her husband is good friends with him

2) Second, her husband helped get him his truck driving job

3) Third, how does Jessica explain the above picture of her husband standing next to Andy Haskins?

Amazing that Jessica doesn't know Andy. I mean, she took the picture of her husband standing next to him and Michael Burks.

From left to right as follows - Michael Burks, Randy Gray (Jessica's husband) and Andy Haskins - the man she claims she doesn't know.

Jessica calls herself a Christian and lies about something so dumb. Yes, this is the typical membership of the Knights' Party - losers.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

HQ Staffer Richard Hensley lies on the Members Only Forums

Some poor fool recently became a lifetime member of the Knights' Party. He posted this on their members only forum. Below is the lie by golfball whose real name is Richard Hensley.

golfballJoined: 10 Jun 2005Posts: 1212Location: Cleburne County, Arkansas
Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:33 AM Post subject:

Congratulations! I am a lifetime associate as well because our activism will continue even after we win. Our pro-racial political message helps whites to see that non-whites push their racial agenda daily and have not displayed any signs of ceasing.

Staff - Activism? What do the Knights' Party do besides a public access show that 5-10 people watch and their short-wave radio show that 12 non-English speaking farmers pick up in Albania?

1) Where were the Knights' Party during Knoxville? (no show)

2) Where were the North Carolina members at during the Tony Finch Case? (no show)

3) Where were the Knights' Party at during Jena 6? (no show)

4) Where were the Knights' Party at during the black gang attack in Norfolk, VA? (no show)

Activism? What is Richard talking about? Letting non-whites join? Allowing my buddy's dog to join?

If that is how you define activism, then yes, the Knights' are number one in doing nothing useful for our race. Everyone, please clap for them. They are, "The Last Hope for America".

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mark Downey admits he has no support - nobody supports the Knights' Party

It seems to be a trend among members of the Knights' Party to have trouble recruiting new members. While groups like the BOK and ANSWP grow and grow, the Knights' Party are dying out day by day. This was taken from

Mark "pastor" Downey admits no one attends his "church" services. Too funny.

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Re: Kentucky white pride events
I moved to Kentucky about two years ago from Washington state where we had a Christian Identity church and had organized many many events over the years (some of which were political through the old Populist Party and in more recent years affiliated with Thom Robb's Knights Party). I would like to organize similar events here in Kentucky, but since I've been here, there's been little interest from WN's in attending our weekly church services, which are also a vehicle for public activism. I'm not sure if the people in this neck of the woods are just looking for beer and entertainment or if they have a desire to effectively organize, which means rolling up your sleeves and doing some work. If I can't get people interested in the little things, what is it going to take to do something like a large conference with speakers and amenities? What are people in KY really looking for? Back in Washington I organized an Aryan Film Festival which was very successful (and all the popcorn you could eat); we've hosted dinner engagements with well know racialists such as Richard Kelly Hoskins, Everett Siliven, Alan Campbell (from Ireland), James Townsend, David Irving, Don Wassel, David Duke, Jack Mohr, Bo Gritz, Michael A. Hoffman, Thom Robb and many more. Organizing these kind of events takes a lot of time and energy. I'd like to hear from people in this area if they would attend something that requierd them to perhaps travel more than 50 miles and spend perhaps $50 or more in expenses (gas, food, lodging). That's the bottom line these days folks. What are you willing to do to make it happen?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Five Lies at - Part 1

1-NO Longer Will The Knights Settle for OUT-DATED Klan Rallies Ignored by The Media!

Staff - The Knights Party will do nothing. That is their method of being ignored by media.


Staff- By doing a public access show that nobody watches.


Staff- How? By promoting high school drop outs and drunks as state leaders?

4 - We want our Klansmen and Klanswomen to live their lives as honorable, decent, dignified white people.

Staff - If that was true, why have you all had NEGRO members in the past?

5 - To earn these higher ranks requires activity and study. At all times the staff at headquarters will be there to guide and assist you. After you have proven yourself to be a committed Knight you can become "naturalized" at the annual National Klan Congress in Harrison, Arkansas which is held on Labor Day weekend each year. (Note: this is NOT an initiation, but rather a solemn and memorable Christian ceremony conducted by National Director Pastor Thomas Robb)

Staff - Not true. You buy rank. Tests? Sure you all take tests...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Buy your rank

The Knights' Party sells people their rank. I want to repeat that for you. The Knights' Party sells people their rank.

When you join the Knights' Party, you pay $35 up front. You are given the title, "Klansman". After that, you pay for all advancement.

1) After being "accepted" as Klansman/woman, the scam begins. No one is ever denied membership into the Knights. As this blog has proven, FBI agents, reporters and blacks have all been members in the past. My friend's dog is a current member also. (we will have this story at a later date)

2) The next rank you pay for is Page. You send $15 in and they send you three cd's/tapes. You then take "tests". Of course no one ever fails these "tests". You pay, you pass.

3) After that you pay another $21 for the rank of Squire. The Knights' Party then sends you three books. You must again, take some "tests". Again, you pay, you pass.

4) The next rank is Knighthood. You pay another $15 and they send you a $3 handbook and some questions. Again, you pay, you pass.

5) After reaching Knighthood, one can apply and become a recruiter. You pay another $30 and get another $3 handbook with "information". Again, they pass all people willing to waste the money.

You may say the tests are legit. No, they aren't and that is simple to prove. People like Randy Gray and Andy Haskins passed them. Gray is a high school drop out who can barely complete a sentence. Haskins is a drunk who spent time in jail for DUI charges.

Folks, this is White Christian America? If so, our race is screwed. If we can't do better than these frauds, why try?

Meet the newest member of the Knights' Party a dog

Michael Burks and I wanted to prove that the Knights' Party is a fraud. We tell people they have no standards for membership. On VNN, Randy Gray and his wife Jessica, have claimed Burks is nothing but a liar. We easily proved them wrong.
Thom Robb is not a leader. He is nothing more but a con-man, trying to make a quick dollar. He allows ANYONE to pay and join online via credit card. He does not do background checks. As you have already seen proven here, blacks, reporters and FBI agents have all joined.
I would like you to know, so has my buddy's dog. We even signed him up under a famous rock star's name and Thom Robb and Rachel Pendergraft didn't seem to notice. Well, all they cared about was the $35 they got.
Please, don't worry. Burks has promised his dog is doing a great job. This dog believes in white power and only barks at Jews and other non-whites. Burks also makes him listen to white power music. I may sign my cat, goldfish and bird up. That way Kentucky can have a brand new Knights' Party unit.
So listen here boy, this dog bone is on me. Keep up the good fight. You are the "last hope for America". Nothing makes me feel safer than knowing you are serving the future of our white children.

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shane17566Joined: 30 Oct 2007Posts: 1
Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:25 AM Post subject: hello fellow members

i am looking for local members in the lancaster pa area to email and talk with please respond to my email
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golfballJoined: 10 Jun 2005Posts: 1199Location: Cleburne County, Arkansas
Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:29 PM Post subject:

Hello Shane! Welcome to our forums!_________________ My SKYPE ID is Knight1868 Richard / HQ staff / Recruiter Cleburne County Visit !
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akia08091902Joined: 08 Sep 2007Posts: 11Location: ILLLINOIS
Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 4:52 AM Post subject:

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

FBI agent joined the Knights' Party - cost KKK state trooper his job

Back in late 2004, some guy from Kansas named Dane joined the Knights' Party. Since the Knights' won't do background checks, they had no clue on who this fraud is. Dane turned out to be an FBI agent. He leaked information about a state trooper which cost the man his job.

A simple background check would have caught this problem. Thom Robb doesn't care. Send money in and you are accepted for membership. Pay for rank, you get promoted. Below is the story. Taken from

Controversy Erupts After Ex-KKK State Trooper Gets Reinstated
The State of Nebraska Will Appeal Ruling to Reinstate Trooper Who Joined KKK, White Supremacist Group
Nebraska State Patrol trooper Robert Henderson was fired after admiting he joined the KKK.

By BILL REDEKERAug. 31, 2006
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var addthis_pub = 'abcnews';

All across the Internet landscape, bloggers are screaming out about the controversy surrounding a Nebraska State Patrol trooper and his membership in the KKK and white supremacist group the White Knights.
"Freakin' stupid racism," one blogger writes.
Top U.S. stories

Californians Endure 7 Days of Wildfires

Inmates Play Major Role in Fire Fight

La. Mayor: State May Take Over DA Office
Related Topics

Vincent Valentino

Bill Redeker

Ku Klux Klan

"A racist cop? I am shocked. SHOCKED!" writes another.
"Since 1871, the US has designated the KKK as a 'violent, terrorist organization.' But so is the state of Nebraska, for the most part," concludes yet another.
The furor followed a decision by an arbitrator who ordered the Nebraska State Patrol to reinstate Trooper Robert Henderson, 50, of Omaha, an 18-year veteran of the force.
He was fired in March after admitting he had been a KKK member and had made postings on the White Knights' members-only Web site since June 2004 while off-duty.
According to the arbitrator's report, Henderson said he had joined the Ku Klux Klan for two reasons: His wife had "divorced him for a minority" and the KKK had given him an avenue to vent his frustration.
However, the arbitrator's ruling said the Nebraska State Patrol had failed to demonstrate why Henderson posed a threat to the public or the patrol.
While the arbitrator said he shared "the disgust" the patrol has in Henderson's decision to align himself with white supremacist organizations, he said that his decision was based only on law and that in this case, the State Patrol had failed to prove that Henderson's termination was justified under the terms of the collective-bargaining agreement.
Public employees have broad protections when it comes to free speech and their political beliefs.
Because the State Patrol said that Henderson did nothing wrong on the job, the arbitrator said, Henderson's firing violated his right to free speech.
That decision did not sit well with Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning.
He has filed a motion to vacate the arbitrator's decision.
"We don't want this person on the staff [of the Nebraska State Patrol]," he said. "We don't want the agency destroyed by a racist like Bob Henderson."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Randy Gray - the lack of a GED shows

(Gray is seen here yelling at the hot dog stand guy not to leave just yet)
In years gone by, the Klan was made up of great men. Today, we have high school drop outs like Randy Gray. Here he admits the Knights' Party does not do background checks. Taken from VNN.

3 Weeks Ago
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maybe in the future groups will start doing finger prints and FBI background checks
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anyone can lie on an application


Monday, October 22, 2007

Thom Robb is a coward - Won't fight for free white speech

Robb claims to be a leader of the pro-white movement and yet, he drops a lawsuit over free speech.

Take from the Rhino Times -

October 11, 2007The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have promised to do what they can to keep people from using The Rhino Times, or any other newspaper, to distribute their hate-filled, despicable, racist, contemptible, cheap, tawdry newsletter. In return for that The Rhinoceros Times has agreed to drop its lawsuit against the Knights of the KKK for restraint of trade and attempting to sully our good name.The Rhino Times was represented by Seth Cohen of Smith, James Rowlett & Cohen.Thomas Robb, the national director of the Knights Party came from Arkansas with his son, who is an attorney, for the mediation last Friday. It's hard to imagine in 2007 that people like Robb are still out there preaching that certain groups of people are bad simply based on the color of their skin or their racial heritage. The Knights Party, or the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, claims to represent the essence of the first KKK, which was known for lynching and torture.The Rhino Times filed a lawsuit against the Knights of the KKK because for years someone has been taking pages of The Rhino Times and wrapping them around Knights Party fliers and then putting the fliers in plastic bags used to deliver newspapers and throwing them in people's driveways and yards. Most people in Greensboro find having a Knights of the KKK flier in their yard annoying. Many people assumed that because pages from The Rhino Times were in the bag that we either supported the Knights of the KKK or sold them advertising. We oppose just about everything the Knights of the KKK stands for and believe the world would be a much better place if rattlesnakes, yellow jackets, poison ivy and the Knights of the KKK didn't exist. We would never knowingly sell advertising space to an organization such as the Knights of the KKK and did everything we could to keep the organization from using our newspaper as a method to deliver its filth.Because the Knights of the KKK refused to do anything to prevent people from using The Rhino Times to help distribute their racist flier, we filed suit.All we ever requested from the Knights of the KKK was that they stop using The Rhino Times and other newspapers to distribute their racist material.The Knights in the settlement agreed not only to "discourage and take reasonable actions" to prevent their newsletter or any other newsletter from being distributed by the Knights from being placed inside "The Rhino Times or any other newspaper in that this could give the false impression that The Rhino Times and the Knights Party are associated with each other, which they are not."The Knights also agreed to drop the appeal of its lawsuit against The Rhino Times in Arkansas. The Rhino Times won dismissal of that suit in court but the Knights appealed that decision.The Rhino Times lawsuit against the Knights was dismissed without prejudice, which means that if The Rhino Times is used to distribute the Knights newsletter, The Rhino Times can simply file the same lawsuit.The Knights have to be worried that other newspapers that have similar problems will also file lawsuits against the Knights of the KKK and it will be spending a lot of time and money simply defending itself in court. It would be great if other newspapers would follow The Rhino's lead, but, as far as we have been able to determine, although using newspapers to distribute the Knights of the KKK newsletter is a common practice.

Friday, October 19, 2007

News reporter joins the Knights' Party - exposed one of their local Kansas members

To the left is Peter Rugg. He writes for the Kansas Pitch. The Pitch is owned by some dyke and is very Jew friendly.
Rugg joined the Knights' Party by using a fake name. This happens a lot when you deal with the Knights' Party. A simple background check would have stopped this. Thom Robb does not care about you or the future of your children. He only cares about the monthly checks that people send in.
Not only did Rugg join, but he exposed a local member. This has led to death threats toward this member and his family. And what did Thom Robb do? Nothing. He is not a leader. Robb does not care about his people. As long as you send money in, anyone can join. Like you have seen here already, the Knights' have had black state leaders in the past. Here is the story that Rugg wrote on the Knights. Read closely. He proves how fake this Klan group is.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dorm Room Project - A fraud set-up by National HQ

Since 2003, the Knights' Party has been collecting funds for a dorm room. They claim they are building this for members who show up at events who are short with money. For $350 you can buy a brick with your name on it to help with the funding.

A buddy of mine went to the most recent Klan congress this year. He counted 47 bricks. That equals $16,450 worth of funds. That is a lot of cash. However, there is no evidence of a dorm room being built. So, where did this money go?

Well, I can tell you. Jason Robb is divorcing his wife and having a custody battle against her. They are using this money to pay his court/lawyer fees. Other words, they are misusing the funds. This method among the Knights' Party is nothing new for them. Since the days of Duke, movement funds have been misused by their leadership. In 1979, Duke was caught selling his membership list on film to an FBI agent.

Thom Robb claims to be a "man of God". I am not sure what "god" this is. The God of Christians is not a liar nor a thief. The Knights' Party are not Christians. They are nothing more than a cult. A cult that uses their membership and steals from them.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fake Units of the Knights' Party

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a group of anti-racist gay Jews. They are led by Morris Dees, a known child molester.

In the past they have been caught making up fake white power units on their "hate map". As of 10-13-07, I found three fake units of the Knights' Party that don't exist. Sadly, the leadership of the Knights' Party lies about these units also. We would expect these lies from Jews. However, the Knights' Party claim they are Christians and they lie right along side the Jews - Go figure.

Let's start with the "unit" listed in Fairdale, KY. That unit was led by my friend Michael Burks. It was their most active unit from 2005-2007 (early 2007). Burks quit this scam back in February. There is no unit in Fairdale. When Burks quit, so did Graham Wright, Jacob Osbourne, Glen Marney and Jeff Kotter. The Knights' Party of Kentucky died out the day Michael Burks quit. Yet, the HQ of the Knights' claim they have members in all 50 states. Sure they do.

Click on Tennessee. The Knights' Party is listed in Newport, TN. There is no unit there and there never was a unit. Randy Gray once lived there. He is so lazy and dumb he hasn't recruited the first member of a unit, besides his overweight wife. He left Newport about 4 years ago for Michigan. There is a website for Newport, TN Klan but no actual unit. Too funny how the Knights' use a crappy website as proof of a fake unit.

Now go to Arkansas. Do you see the unit for Concord, AR? That is no unit. That is one guy, Richard Hensley. He has no unit. And never will run a unit. Again, one person is not a unit. And yet, the Knights' Party claim they have units all over America. Where? Where are they? They have none. They are nothing more then a group of 80-90 losers who don't do anything useful for our people, besides lie to your face.

How dare such liars claim to be Christians. Christians do not lie to other whites. This is just more proof of how much of a fraud the Knights' Party is.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Former state leader of the Knights' Party - Black as the Ace of Spades

The leadership of the Knights' Party didn't become frauds overnight. Since the days of David Duke, they have been ripping people off.

Did you know the Knights' Party had a Black leader during the days of Duke? How did this happen? Simple, the leadership didn't care. All they cared about what cashing his membership due checks. Think about that for a second... would you support or join a group that doesn't meet with its state leaders? Or even cares to check them out? What does this say about this group who calls themselves, 'White Christians"?

Taken from

By Deborah Bulkeley Deseret Morning News About 25 years ago, Ron Stallworth was asked to lead the Ku Klux Klan chapter in Colorado Springs.Brian Nicholson, Deseret Morning NewsRon Stallworth carries his KKK membership card as a memento. Problem was, the outgoing Klan leader didn’t know that Stallworth is black.“He asked me to take over the lead because I was a good, loyal Klansman,” said Stallworth, who had been in constant phone contact with the Klan leader while leading a yearlong Colorado Springs police investigation into the Klan.Stallworth later moved to Utah, where he recently retired after nearly 20 years as an investigator for the Utah Department of Public Safety. He says he’s amazed that no one ever caught on to the investigation he led starting in 1979. After he was offered Klan leadership, he quietly disappeared.As a memento Stallworth still carries his Klan membership card — signed by David Duke.“It was one of the most fun” investigations, he said. “Everybody said it couldn’t be done.”Stallworth communicated with Klan leaders using the telephone. A white officer posing as Stallworth went to the meetings.“The challenge for me was to maintain the conversation flow,” Stallworth said. At the same time, Stallworth also led an undercover investigation into the Progressive Labor Party, a communist group that protested at Klan rallies.Stallworth, of Layton, worked 30 years in law enforcement in four states. Stallworth’s undercover experience and research led him to become a nationally known expert on gang culture.He calls the Klan investigation “one of the most significant investigations I was ever involved in because of the scope and the magnitude of how it unfolded.”The investigation revealed that Klan members were in the military, including two at NORAD who controlled the triggers for nuclear weapons.“I was told they were being reassigned to somewhere like the North Pole or Greenland,” Stallworth said.The Klan investigation isn’t the only time Stallworth has been mistaken for a white guy.He’s been contacted by academics about his “scholarly research” on gangs. One such academic “said he was so impressed that a white Mormon in Utah could write such an impressive work on black gang culture.”Stallworth said he laughed and explained that not only is he not white or Mormon, he started his college career in 1971 and remains about 2 1/2 years shy of his bachelor’s degree.Stallworth started to work on gang activity for the Utah Department of Public Safety in the late 1980s. He wrote a report that led to the formation of Utah’s first gang task force — the Gang Narcotics Intelligence Unit that involved the Utah Division of Investigation and the Salt Lake City Police Department.“Based on what was going on at the time, I knew about the L.A. gang problem,” he said. Utah gang suspects were “telling us they were Crips from California.”Stallworth said of his work in Utah, it’s his investigation of gangs that he’s most proud of.“It’s had a lasting impact, first and foremost, on law enforcement,” he said.Wes McBride, president of the California Gang Investigators Association and retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, said about 15 years ago he “heard about this guy in Salt Lake who was becoming an expert” in gangsta rap music. So, he invited Stallworth to speak on the topic. It was the first of a series of lectures Stallworth gave on street-gang culture.“I don’t know that any of us ever listened to it,” McBride said. “Where he was instrumental with us was pointing out to listen to the words, to listen to what these gangsters were saying.”The two both testified in a 1993 homicide in which a Texas state trooper was killed by a 19-year-old gang member, McBride said. Stallworth was the expert witness on the connection between gangsta rap and gang culture in the case, McBride recalled.Leticia Medina, executive director of Utah Issues, said she started working with Stallworth on gangs in the late 1980s, when the first Metro Gang Unit was under development. She was a youth corrections provider at the time.“He was very interested in what my perspectives were,” she said. “I learned from him as much as I hope he learned from me.“Law enforcement is not something that I grew up trusting. I had an opportunity to deal with a cop and see his world,” she said.At the time, Medina said, law enforcement wasn’t involved in the community.“They started the Metro Gang Unit, and everyone knew who the gang unit was,” she said. “One key that Ron worked on was getting to know the community and community leaders. . . . Law enforcement needed to be trained in cultural competence and gang culture.”Stallworth has self-published four books on gang culture and has testified before Congress on gangs and violence. He also served as the state’s first gang-intelligence coordinator.In 1994, he was selected by the U.S. Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center to participate in a national street-gang symposium, the results of which were presented to the U.S. attorney general.Now that he’s retired, Stallworth plans to remain active, politically and otherwise.Stallworth is chairman of the Black Advisory Council and serves on Layton’s Parks and Recreation Commission and Planning Commission.He also was one of several applicants for a vacant City Council seat in Layton. Stallworth didn’t get the seat but says he plans to run for City Council.He coaches a youth track team for 9-to-14-year-old boys and girls, and would like to volunteer for the Huntsman Cancer Center, which cared for his wife, Micki, before her death.Stallworth is also going back to school. He wants to complete a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration at Columbia College.Medina said she wouldn’t be surprised if Stallworth continues to speak up on issues close to him.“Now that he’s retired, watch out,” Medina said. “He is very committed to all these communities. He is also very committed to the career he chose as a law-enforcement officer. . . . People need to take the time to really listen to him.”

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome to the truth about the Knights' Party - the truth they don't want you to hear

This blog will expose the most false pro-white group out there- the Knights' Party. They are also known as the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Many of the things you will learn here will shock you. If you are new to the movement please don't rethink why you joined. Not all people and groups are frauds like this phony. Not all leaders are thieves and liars like those of the Knights' Party. Many great and honest people are Klansmen, National Socialists and warriors of our race.

Before you read on, please visit, their main website. I want you to read it closely. The naked eye can't catch all the lies there. In the near future I will expose many lies from that very site. I'd say the majority of information there is lies.

Again, please don't rethink our great movement. Some people actually cares about our children and our future. The Knights' Party however, does not.