Sunday, November 25, 2007

Five Lies at Part II

1-It has long been the belief of Pastor Robb that the Klan needed to get back into the political scene.

Really? Robb has been in charge since 1989. Can he provide a list of all his members who have ran for public office? I can answer that for you. No. His group is nothing more than a mailing list of suckers who donate to him monthly.

2- A. Become the leader of the White racialist movement
Through a strong organized show of leadership

Yes, the drunks like Bobby Malick and Andy Haskins. What a "strong" leadership they are.

3-Unit Recruiter - A Man or woman who has obtained the rank of Knight can apply by way of application to be a unit recruiter. A minimum of a high school diploma or G.E.D. is required.

Explain Randy Gray then.(high school drop out)

4- The highest rank is that of Knight . Not everyone seeks to earn that position as it is reserved for only the most dedicated and loyal.

Cough, cough. Actually, you buy and pay for your rank as you go.

5- Mr. Robb has been a powerful spokesman the past 30 years for the white rights movement.

What has Robb done in the past 10-15 years? Ask yourself the following -

1) Where was Robb at speaking out against the Jena 6?

2) Where was Robb at in Knoxville?

3) Where was Robb at during the Norfolk attack?

4) Where was Robb at during the Tony Finch trial?

He was too busy doing nothing. What a "leader".