Friday, November 16, 2007

Knights' Party Lie about Membership Size

For Christians, these people lie a lot. Is Thom Robb Jewish? I am starting to wonder with all the lies I see coming from this group. Here is what they claim at - "America's Largest White Organization". Really?

The truth is - Today, they're in paltry eighth place, out of 34 Klan organizations, with six chapters. Taken from Mark Potok of the SPLC.

Staff - We hate to quote Mark Potok, but he is actually right here for the most part. Actually, three of the "chapters" aren't even chapters. Potok still list for instance, the Knights' Party in Fairdale, KY. That unit no longer exists. Two other units aren't even units. The Newport, TN unit is nothing more than a website. The unit in Concord, AR is also a fake. It's one guy - Richard Hensely.

Like always, the leadership of the Knights' Party lies. How dare they claim to be the largest pro-white group when they aren't even the largest KKK group.

Jessica Gray - a "Christian" woman that lies

Many times in the past, I've read so many lies on various forums by Jessica Gray. A while back on VNN she claimed she did not know who Andy Haskins was.

Now, I find this funny for a few reasons -

1) First off, her husband is good friends with him

2) Second, her husband helped get him his truck driving job

3) Third, how does Jessica explain the above picture of her husband standing next to Andy Haskins?

Amazing that Jessica doesn't know Andy. I mean, she took the picture of her husband standing next to him and Michael Burks.

From left to right as follows - Michael Burks, Randy Gray (Jessica's husband) and Andy Haskins - the man she claims she doesn't know.

Jessica calls herself a Christian and lies about something so dumb. Yes, this is the typical membership of the Knights' Party - losers.