Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pastor Visser Speaks out on Mark and Debbie Downey of the Knights' Party

None of this was written by the staff here at Christian Frauds. This information was written by Pastor Visser. His website(which I hope you will read over) can be found at

A Seedliner asked: Why did Jezebel finally ban you? Over doctrine?

Seedliner,This is a question I had hoped wouldn’t show up here as I cared less about being “banned” from such an antichristian forum in the first place. However, since certain self-professed “children of Satan” have decided to slander me while I’m unable to defend myself I suppose a few words of clarity are in order. Like Clifton Emahiser, Pete Peters or anyone else who believes in a literal Satan, I also have gone the same route of having my hands tied behind my back by the jew while they tirelessly slander me behind my back. It’s no surprise, really – by their “fruits” you know them.This brings me to addressing certain lies that have been stated about me this week:First and foremost – Klaliff never once “put her reputation on the line to get Visser back here” as she’s recently stated.

If Debra Downey had any bearing in my short return to Stormfront then it’s certainly the first time I’ve ever heard of it. In fact, had such a woman with questionable morals even asked me if she could’ve spoken for me I would’ve declined the offer (more on this later). The first time I was actually banned by Grand Inquisitor for making death threats towards jews and pagans but allowed back on the boards after promising to never make the same “mistake [sic] again.” It was due to countless phone calls that I made on my own behalf that I was allowed to return to the Christian Identity sub forums at Stormfront. No more, no less.Secondly, I was banned this second (and final) time for simply holding a different opinion on doctrine. After releasing Judaism Has No Devil I was met with demerit points by Klaliff on EVERY SINGLE post I made (irregardless of content). After reminding her that I once again desired a debate with her effeminized “husband” (more on this later) for his recent attacks on Clifton Emahiser I was told by private message that my “type of Satan-worshipping tripe was no longer welcome at Stormfront.” Not the CI sub forums – Stormfront, period. Hell hath no fury like a whore who’s power-tripping.

Finally, after pointing out that the Bible considers women who leave their husband for another man as an adulteress (Romans 7:2-3) I was quickly banned, had my website removed from the “CI Link List” thread and had my last twenty-or-so posts deleted in the hopes that nobody would notice. Naturally, the e-mails began to pour in and numerous other WN message boards picked up the story on their own.Now, for what “really” lead up to my banning:On April 20th (Hitler’s birthday) I received an e-mail from Debra Downey claiming that Mark had “beaten her severely” and threw her “out on the street with her two cats.” She claimed she had nowhere else to go and asked if I might be able to help her out with shelter or possibly money for a bus ticket back to Washington State. After e-mailing her for more information, in her next e-mail (which she claimed she was writing from a public library) she explained that Mark Downey had been in correspondence with both the ADL and SPLC and doing his part in trying to destroy seedline ministries. She even claimed she was against such actions and this lead to their domestic dispute.Naturally, I smelled a rat but it wasn’t Mark Downey as I’ve always figured he was a ZOG agent (at least pro-jewish doctrinally) – the rat I smelled was Debra Downey herself. As I figured it was a trap I never responded to her second e-mail and less than a week later I was banned without further explanation.The fact of the matter is I feel I was banned for teaching what Wesley Swift, Richard Butler, Ray Redfeairn, Pete Peters and practically every other Christian Identity adherent has taught – seedline. It’s from this seedline doctrine that we derive the term “Christian Identity” and my banning has certainly opened many eyes to the double-standard and continual man-bashing going on by Mark Downey’s makeshift “wife.” Support for CPM has actually INCREASED in spite of my banning (which is how it was the initial time) and because of the enormous loss of time posting over there I’m choosing not to even bother requesting “re-instatement.”

I simply have no desire to be coached and ruled over by a whorish woman who’s living in sin with her makeshift pastor.Speaking of which, several months ago Mark Downey had even contacted me desiring to be ordained because my “ordination was only thrice removed from Wesley Swift.” When I told him it would be degrading to the memory of Swift, Butler and Morris Gullet to ordain a non-seedliner he went on the warpath attempting to discredit ALL seedliners. Both he and his lover began continually attacking seedline even though it’s taught in the Bible, the prophet Enoch and the early church fathers. To them, I became the enemy when I changed my signature to “War for Christ.” To them, I became a threat to their teaching that their own flesh IS Satan (even though I believe that they’re both wicked). This seems to be a continual cycle with them both as they’ve done similarly to CSCS, numerous Yahoo message boards and of most recently – Clifton Emahiser himself.There’s a lot more to tell but I honestly hope I never have to. While I assume their only option will be to state that I’m “slandering” it should be stated that I never believed EITHER of their bogus stories.

I would never ordain an obvious snake like Mark Downey nor would I open my home to an adulteress (much less allow her to usurp position over me as Mark seemingly has). I simply have much more Biblical wisdom than that – there ARE NO non-seedline Klansmen, lol.Be sure to read my recent series on angels – it’s my hope that by studying each particular angel the reality of Satan (the fallen one) will eventually take focus. Many have been lead aside by the imposters and CI false prophets MUST give the appearance that they’re Christian – that snake is right here in our midst. Truthfully, I’ll be the first to behead such pitiful abominations when given my chance.More about Kluntliff here.Up the Irons and War MORE for Christ,

This made the staff here at Christian Frauds laugh

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2007 National Christmas Fellowship Conference
December 1st and 2nd
at the White Christian Revival Center at Harrison, AR
Speakers, holiday banquet, Heritage Connection band, Children's activities including cookie decorating, games, and Bible lessons -meet wonderful Christian families who share your concerns. Motels nearby, white heritage books and souvenirs available. All White Christian patriots invited.

Staff - Wonderful Christians? Now that is too funny. Yes, people who lie and lie as we've proven so many times here at Christian Frauds. For those who don't know, 12-15 people at best normally show up for this event. Don't forget, this is "America's Largest Pro-White Organization".