Thursday, November 15, 2007

HQ Staffer Richard Hensley lies on the Members Only Forums

Some poor fool recently became a lifetime member of the Knights' Party. He posted this on their members only forum. Below is the lie by golfball whose real name is Richard Hensley.

golfballJoined: 10 Jun 2005Posts: 1212Location: Cleburne County, Arkansas
Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:33 AM Post subject:

Congratulations! I am a lifetime associate as well because our activism will continue even after we win. Our pro-racial political message helps whites to see that non-whites push their racial agenda daily and have not displayed any signs of ceasing.

Staff - Activism? What do the Knights' Party do besides a public access show that 5-10 people watch and their short-wave radio show that 12 non-English speaking farmers pick up in Albania?

1) Where were the Knights' Party during Knoxville? (no show)

2) Where were the North Carolina members at during the Tony Finch Case? (no show)

3) Where were the Knights' Party at during Jena 6? (no show)

4) Where were the Knights' Party at during the black gang attack in Norfolk, VA? (no show)

Activism? What is Richard talking about? Letting non-whites join? Allowing my buddy's dog to join?

If that is how you define activism, then yes, the Knights' are number one in doing nothing useful for our race. Everyone, please clap for them. They are, "The Last Hope for America".