Friday, January 18, 2008

Too funny: A must read

When John and Ed Kundrot quit, so did 25 other members of the Knights Party in the Boston area. Thom Robb, Rachel Pendergraft and a handful of members claimed they were drunks and informers. Soon the lies and gossip spread. Of course this was pure slander, something the Knights Party and their membership does very well. What is funny is, I found links of stories at that John Kundrot, a so-called informer wrote.

Now, if you ran a pro-white group, would you promote the work of an FBI informer? I am guessing you would not. Of course John Kundrot is no more an FBI informer than Andy Haskins is sober (Indiana State Leader). Below are some links to the "Informer" and his writing.

Amazing a group would have aritcles posted by a "FBI informer". Of course like I've already stated, John and his family are not informers. This is nothing but pure slander by the Knights Party. This is a common method by them against ex-members who expose them. Below are a list of ex-members who expose them and the lies they tell on them.

Ron Edwards - Robb claims he is a drunk. Ron is not.

rv311 - (not sure of his real name) Robb claims he is a drunk. He is not.

Michael Burks - Randy Gray claims he is gay. He is not.

John Kundrot - Robb claims he is a FBI informer. He is not.

Ed Kundrot - Robb claims he is a drunk. Ed is not.

As you can tell, they lie about all ex-members who expose them.

"Leadership" of the Knights Party

David Duke – Duke was a conman who led the Knights Party from 1976-1981. He tried to rip Dr. Pierce off in 1976 over a story that Pierce wrote. Duke was known to cheat on his wife and steal movement funds. Tom Metzger was one of the first to openly expose Duke as the fraud he was. In 1981, Duke was caught on film selling his KKK membership to the Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Empire – who was an FBI informer. Duke also admitted to drinking and gambling problems. Much of this was bought and paid for with movement money. Duke was sent to jail a few years back for stealing movement money. He was not set-up by Jews like the Stormfront crew claims. Since that time, Duke fame in the United States has disappeared. That is why he spends all his time in Europe where his lying and conman ways are little known.

Don Black – By age 16, Black was breaking into fellow White Nationalist’s offices stealing membership lists. He along with a group of Duke supporters tried to take over an Island for what they claim was “A white homeland”. In reality, they were setting up a racketeering scam to sell drugs, pimp out hookers and gambling. This illegal made money would fund Duke and his “president” campaign. Black then founded Stormfront and has ripped people off ever since. He backs pro-Jewish groups such as the BNP and the CCC – two groups that allow non-white and Jewish membership.

Thom Robb – Since 1989, Thom “The Robber” has been ripping people off. He has ripped people off with “hot line” fund-raisers and brick scams. During his rule non-whites, FBI informers, reporters and even a dog have all joined. His group does nothing besides throw fliers in people’s yards and run a public access show begging for money. Thom has done away with the ‘Grand Council” and replaced with his family members. The Knights Party is a family run business to simply support Thom and his family. Again, we ask the following questions since Robb claims to be a “spokesman” for our people –

1 – Where was he during Jena 6?

2- Where was he during the Norfolk attack?

3 – Where was he in Knoxville?

4- Where was he at against Pitts?

5- Where was he when his Kansas member was exposed by a reporter?

I guess he was busy counting his $350 bricks and laughing his way to the bank.