Thursday, April 10, 2008

David Barnett - KKK Member and Local Boy Scout Leader

David Barnett is a coward. He goes by David Martsen because he is too coward to be known. Since Mr. Barnett is a fraud, we are going to expose him. I am sure the media in Raleigh, NC will love to know about this! I am also sure the local boy scouts will love to know this.

Boy Scouts of America
(919) 828-9662 - 2429 Appalachian Dr, Raleigh, NC
Get Directions
Boy Scouts of America
(919) 872-4884 - 3231 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC
Get Directions

Please feel free to contact them ASAP and report David Barnett, the same coward who was too scared to face the Rhino Times. Speaking of the media, here is how to contact them!

Or the local newspaper!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

No feedback or proof from the National HQ - proves they steal funds

I gave the Knights Party National HQ 7 days to provide proof of where their funds go to. Well, it's been way longer then 7 days and no proof. Of course you and I both know they steal and misuse funds. The proof is simple, they were to chicken to answer us. If you had proof, would you not come forward and show it? And yes, they do read this blog. We know because we get death threats and silly comments from their members weekly. Once again, the Knights Party proves they are frauds!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Be gone 7-10 days

My wife and I are on our way to Europe. I will be gone between 7-10 days. Thanks for all the great feedback from all the people out there. And thanks for all the insane lack of common sense threats from the members of the Knights' Party, the biggest scam and fraud the white movement has ever seen. Be back soon. Until then, 83!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To Thom Robb and National HQ

We are calling you out.

1) We want proof of where all monthly donations go. You claim they go to the white race. Really? Then show us what you spend monthly donations on. Other groups show proof of where their monthly donations go. If they can, so can you. We will give you 7 days to provide us the proof. If not, it proves to us you are pocketing all the money.

2) At HQ, you have over 40 bricks you sold to members for $350 each. Can you show proof of where this money went besides your back pocket?

We will give you 7 days to answer. If not, we take this as proof you steal movement funds. Other groups inform members where their money goes. If they can, so can you.

A Knights' Party member speaks out: Guess Thom Robb takes anyone like we've said all along

Staff - Wow, just wow. Man, where does Thom Robb find these people? Wait, he never turns down an application. Here is an e-mail from one of his members. Too funny. Read the pure retardation of this moron.

Staff what staff... I have $500 says you wont meet rpersentatives in person to deliver that so called information you have....we have proof in the pudding your a liar....which is slanderous and there fore punnishable by laws of the state which you are posting in. Come clean and we will not prosecute! -Maximous

Staff - First off, what is a rpersentatives? I've never seen that word in my life. Second, I am waiting on his so-called proof that we are liars. Below are some of the facts we've proved that cannot be a lie.

1) Don Black, former leader of the Knights' Party did break into the office of another White Nationalist.

2) David Duke, a former leader of the Knights' Party was caught on tape selling his KKK membership list to a FBI agent.

3) Thom Robb has never provided proof or a bill of where his 40 plus bricks at $350 apiece income has went to.

4) Randy Gray is a high school dropout.

5) The Knights' Party did lie about units that don't exist.

6) The Knights' Party does sell people rank.

And of course I could go on and on. But as you can tell, I proved my point. I also have another question for this idiot that e-mailed us here, what is "punnishable"?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Members of the Knights' Party upset with our blog

In the past three days dozens of threats have been made against the staff here at Christian Frauds. Members of the Knights' Party have threaten us with violence, reporting us to Google (oh well, we have a back up blog at wordpress) and with the FBI (typical of members of theirs to work with FEDS - recall Randy Gray worked with Hal Turner who was recently outed as an FBI informer).

1) Threatening me with violence does very little. Actually, it makes me want to work on this blog even more than I already do.

2) Contact Google. This blog makes fun of a KKK group. LOL, do you think Google cares? I am shocked they aren't helping me write this blog.

3) Call the FBI. It's not illegal to point out facts and post the comments of others, unless that data is copyrighted. It's also not illegal for people to post their comments in the comment section. If someone wants to write Thom Robb is a conman, they have that right - its called free speech.

If you people don't like this blog, oh well. Your shouldn't belong to a group that does nothing. We want one thing on this blog to be proven a lie. Until then, shut up. We have offered $50 for anything to be proven a lie here. And yet, no one has taken us up on our challenge. Instead, we are threaten with attacks and nasty comments. Very typical of the "Christians" who make up the phony Knights' Party.

Again I ask you all the following questions -

1) Where was Thom Robb and the Knights' Party during Jena 6?

2) Where was Thom Robb and the Knights' Party during the Black on White Norfolk attack?

3) Where was Thom Robb and the Knights' Party during Pitts and his "cry me a river" comment?

4) Where was Thom Robb and the Knights' Party during Knoxville 1 and 2?

5) Where was Thom Robb and the Knights' Party during the time their Kansas member was exposed by a reporter?

We will also ask these questions again -

1) Why does the Knights' Party allow black state leaders?

2) Why does the Knights' Party allow news reporters to join and expose their members?

3) Why does the Knights' Party allow a dog to join?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don Black: Keynote speaker at the Knights' Party Faith and Freedom Conference

This can be found on the main page at For a group which claims to be Christian, one would think they could do better than Don Black, a known conman and thief. Black has a past of stealing from others, selling drugs and ripping other whites off. You refresh your memory here at and

I wonder will Thom Robb and Rachel Pendergraft tell their members about Black's past such as breaking into the offices of fellow white nationalists, selling drugs, helping Duke out with his cocaine and hooker past and stealing movement cash?