Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To Thom Robb and National HQ

We are calling you out.

1) We want proof of where all monthly donations go. You claim they go to the white race. Really? Then show us what you spend monthly donations on. Other groups show proof of where their monthly donations go. If they can, so can you. We will give you 7 days to provide us the proof. If not, it proves to us you are pocketing all the money.

2) At HQ, you have over 40 bricks you sold to members for $350 each. Can you show proof of where this money went besides your back pocket?

We will give you 7 days to answer. If not, we take this as proof you steal movement funds. Other groups inform members where their money goes. If they can, so can you.


ohio ika said...

Good luck getting an answer from Thom the Robber. Get used to slander from him and his members.

White Guy from Tampa said...

When I first heard about the so called lies of the Knights, I thought this was pure movement drama.

I spoke through pm on VNN, Stormfront and other forums with members of the Knights. I asked them was any of this true. Their typical comeback was, "no the owner of that blog is gay and a FBI informer." I asked for proof and none was ever given.

However, this blog normally leaves proof with what they say. The black state leader of Utah was confirmed by a major newspaper. The dog member was confirmed by proof from the members only forum. With that said, it's clear on who is lying and who isn't.

I too, would like to see proof of where monthly donations are going. People like the Knights are the reason I don't join pro-white groups. Too many two faces people in the movement.

I enjoy this blog. Please keep it updated as much as you can. 88

you wish you knew my name said...

fuck you guys. you guys like balls. fuck you