Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Knights' Party member speaks out: Guess Thom Robb takes anyone like we've said all along

Staff - Wow, just wow. Man, where does Thom Robb find these people? Wait, he never turns down an application. Here is an e-mail from one of his members. Too funny. Read the pure retardation of this moron.

Staff what staff... I have $500 says you wont meet rpersentatives in person to deliver that so called information you have....we have proof in the pudding your a liar....which is slanderous and there fore punnishable by laws of the state which you are posting in. Come clean and we will not prosecute! -Maximous

Staff - First off, what is a rpersentatives? I've never seen that word in my life. Second, I am waiting on his so-called proof that we are liars. Below are some of the facts we've proved that cannot be a lie.

1) Don Black, former leader of the Knights' Party did break into the office of another White Nationalist.

2) David Duke, a former leader of the Knights' Party was caught on tape selling his KKK membership list to a FBI agent.

3) Thom Robb has never provided proof or a bill of where his 40 plus bricks at $350 apiece income has went to.

4) Randy Gray is a high school dropout.

5) The Knights' Party did lie about units that don't exist.

6) The Knights' Party does sell people rank.

And of course I could go on and on. But as you can tell, I proved my point. I also have another question for this idiot that e-mailed us here, what is "punnishable"?


Former member of Ohio Knights Party said...

keep up the good fight. it doesn't shock me some retard threaten to sue you. the knights party is a scam. thom robb sucks cock. you wonder why so many people have quit? you rip people off, you should expect that.

ohio IKA said...

Do you have any clips of him thom the robber speaking? I love how he always begs for money.If you do, can you post some of them on YouTube?