Saturday, November 24, 2007

Knights' Party - Making people pay for information

Take a look at this The Knights' Party charge $5.00 for "information". Nearly 90% of this same crap can be found at their website. What a scam!!

Most groups will send you information for free. Look at the ANSWP for instance. They send people free magazines for free. And no, not a back cover like the Knights' Party who charges for a back cover. They will send you an entire magazine for free. I recently wrote the BOK and they too sent me a free information packet. If those two groups can do that, why can't the Knights' Party?

They are "America's Largest Pro-White" group as they claim. They should have tons of money to send free sample copies then. Then again, we know all of that to be lies. What another Jewish rip off by these con-men.