Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mark Downey admits he has no support - nobody supports the Knights' Party

It seems to be a trend among members of the Knights' Party to have trouble recruiting new members. While groups like the BOK and ANSWP grow and grow, the Knights' Party are dying out day by day. This was taken from

Mark "pastor" Downey admits no one attends his "church" services. Too funny.

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Re: Kentucky white pride events
I moved to Kentucky about two years ago from Washington state where we had a Christian Identity church and had organized many many events over the years (some of which were political through the old Populist Party and in more recent years affiliated with Thom Robb's Knights Party). I would like to organize similar events here in Kentucky, but since I've been here, there's been little interest from WN's in attending our weekly church services, which are also a vehicle for public activism. I'm not sure if the people in this neck of the woods are just looking for beer and entertainment or if they have a desire to effectively organize, which means rolling up your sleeves and doing some work. If I can't get people interested in the little things, what is it going to take to do something like a large conference with speakers and amenities? What are people in KY really looking for? Back in Washington I organized an Aryan Film Festival which was very successful (and all the popcorn you could eat); we've hosted dinner engagements with well know racialists such as Richard Kelly Hoskins, Everett Siliven, Alan Campbell (from Ireland), James Townsend, David Irving, Don Wassel, David Duke, Jack Mohr, Bo Gritz, Michael A. Hoffman, Thom Robb and many more. Organizing these kind of events takes a lot of time and energy. I'd like to hear from people in this area if they would attend something that requierd them to perhaps travel more than 50 miles and spend perhaps $50 or more in expenses (gas, food, lodging). That's the bottom line these days folks. What are you willing to do to make it happen?