Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fake Units of the Knights' Party

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a group of anti-racist gay Jews. They are led by Morris Dees, a known child molester.

In the past they have been caught making up fake white power units on their "hate map". As of 10-13-07, I found three fake units of the Knights' Party that don't exist. Sadly, the leadership of the Knights' Party lies about these units also. We would expect these lies from Jews. However, the Knights' Party claim they are Christians and they lie right along side the Jews - Go figure.

Let's start with the "unit" listed in Fairdale, KY. That unit was led by my friend Michael Burks. It was their most active unit from 2005-2007 (early 2007). Burks quit this scam back in February. There is no unit in Fairdale. When Burks quit, so did Graham Wright, Jacob Osbourne, Glen Marney and Jeff Kotter. The Knights' Party of Kentucky died out the day Michael Burks quit. Yet, the HQ of the Knights' claim they have members in all 50 states. Sure they do.

Click on Tennessee. The Knights' Party is listed in Newport, TN. There is no unit there and there never was a unit. Randy Gray once lived there. He is so lazy and dumb he hasn't recruited the first member of a unit, besides his overweight wife. He left Newport about 4 years ago for Michigan. There is a website for Newport, TN Klan but no actual unit. Too funny how the Knights' use a crappy website as proof of a fake unit.

Now go to Arkansas. Do you see the unit for Concord, AR? That is no unit. That is one guy, Richard Hensley. He has no unit. And never will run a unit. Again, one person is not a unit. And yet, the Knights' Party claim they have units all over America. Where? Where are they? They have none. They are nothing more then a group of 80-90 losers who don't do anything useful for our people, besides lie to your face.

How dare such liars claim to be Christians. Christians do not lie to other whites. This is just more proof of how much of a fraud the Knights' Party is.