Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dorm Room Project - A fraud set-up by National HQ

Since 2003, the Knights' Party has been collecting funds for a dorm room. They claim they are building this for members who show up at events who are short with money. For $350 you can buy a brick with your name on it to help with the funding.

A buddy of mine went to the most recent Klan congress this year. He counted 47 bricks. That equals $16,450 worth of funds. That is a lot of cash. However, there is no evidence of a dorm room being built. So, where did this money go?

Well, I can tell you. Jason Robb is divorcing his wife and having a custody battle against her. They are using this money to pay his court/lawyer fees. Other words, they are misusing the funds. This method among the Knights' Party is nothing new for them. Since the days of Duke, movement funds have been misused by their leadership. In 1979, Duke was caught selling his membership list on film to an FBI agent.

Thom Robb claims to be a "man of God". I am not sure what "god" this is. The God of Christians is not a liar nor a thief. The Knights' Party are not Christians. They are nothing more than a cult. A cult that uses their membership and steals from them.