Monday, October 29, 2007

Buy your rank

The Knights' Party sells people their rank. I want to repeat that for you. The Knights' Party sells people their rank.

When you join the Knights' Party, you pay $35 up front. You are given the title, "Klansman". After that, you pay for all advancement.

1) After being "accepted" as Klansman/woman, the scam begins. No one is ever denied membership into the Knights. As this blog has proven, FBI agents, reporters and blacks have all been members in the past. My friend's dog is a current member also. (we will have this story at a later date)

2) The next rank you pay for is Page. You send $15 in and they send you three cd's/tapes. You then take "tests". Of course no one ever fails these "tests". You pay, you pass.

3) After that you pay another $21 for the rank of Squire. The Knights' Party then sends you three books. You must again, take some "tests". Again, you pay, you pass.

4) The next rank is Knighthood. You pay another $15 and they send you a $3 handbook and some questions. Again, you pay, you pass.

5) After reaching Knighthood, one can apply and become a recruiter. You pay another $30 and get another $3 handbook with "information". Again, they pass all people willing to waste the money.

You may say the tests are legit. No, they aren't and that is simple to prove. People like Randy Gray and Andy Haskins passed them. Gray is a high school drop out who can barely complete a sentence. Haskins is a drunk who spent time in jail for DUI charges.

Folks, this is White Christian America? If so, our race is screwed. If we can't do better than these frauds, why try?