Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fake Members who don't exist - more lies from the "Christian" Leadership of the Knights' Party

For Christians, these people sure lie a lot. Since the Knights’ Party is a dying breed, they make up fake members. I feel bad for the new people who do sign up for the Knights. They are going to send you information with lies. Many of you will even get letters signed by “fake people” who don’t exist. And yet, the ‘Christian Leadership” of the Knights will send this false information to you.

Any Knights’ Party members out there reading this? If so, please answer this question to yourself. Have you ever gotten a letter from any of the following people or seen their name on the Crusader?

1 – Cynthia O’Grady

2 – Paul Jefferson

3- Paul Shepard

When I joined, I got a letter signed by Mrs. O’Grady. Did you know none of the above three people exist? However, the “Christian Leadership” of the Knights’ Party claim them do. Not only that, they claim they work at their National HQ. All lies!

Now, ask yourself this second question. Have you attended any of their events such as Klan Congress, their Christmas function or their Walk for White Pride? If so, have you ever met any of the above three people? I know for a fact you have not? And you know why? They don’t exist! You have a better chance of meeting a Zombie then these three made up characters.

Ask yourself this third question. Why would “Christians” lie about such nonsense? Easy, they are frauds.