Monday, October 22, 2007

Thom Robb is a coward - Won't fight for free white speech

Robb claims to be a leader of the pro-white movement and yet, he drops a lawsuit over free speech.

Take from the Rhino Times -

October 11, 2007The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have promised to do what they can to keep people from using The Rhino Times, or any other newspaper, to distribute their hate-filled, despicable, racist, contemptible, cheap, tawdry newsletter. In return for that The Rhinoceros Times has agreed to drop its lawsuit against the Knights of the KKK for restraint of trade and attempting to sully our good name.The Rhino Times was represented by Seth Cohen of Smith, James Rowlett & Cohen.Thomas Robb, the national director of the Knights Party came from Arkansas with his son, who is an attorney, for the mediation last Friday. It's hard to imagine in 2007 that people like Robb are still out there preaching that certain groups of people are bad simply based on the color of their skin or their racial heritage. The Knights Party, or the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, claims to represent the essence of the first KKK, which was known for lynching and torture.The Rhino Times filed a lawsuit against the Knights of the KKK because for years someone has been taking pages of The Rhino Times and wrapping them around Knights Party fliers and then putting the fliers in plastic bags used to deliver newspapers and throwing them in people's driveways and yards. Most people in Greensboro find having a Knights of the KKK flier in their yard annoying. Many people assumed that because pages from The Rhino Times were in the bag that we either supported the Knights of the KKK or sold them advertising. We oppose just about everything the Knights of the KKK stands for and believe the world would be a much better place if rattlesnakes, yellow jackets, poison ivy and the Knights of the KKK didn't exist. We would never knowingly sell advertising space to an organization such as the Knights of the KKK and did everything we could to keep the organization from using our newspaper as a method to deliver its filth.Because the Knights of the KKK refused to do anything to prevent people from using The Rhino Times to help distribute their racist flier, we filed suit.All we ever requested from the Knights of the KKK was that they stop using The Rhino Times and other newspapers to distribute their racist material.The Knights in the settlement agreed not only to "discourage and take reasonable actions" to prevent their newsletter or any other newsletter from being distributed by the Knights from being placed inside "The Rhino Times or any other newspaper in that this could give the false impression that The Rhino Times and the Knights Party are associated with each other, which they are not."The Knights also agreed to drop the appeal of its lawsuit against The Rhino Times in Arkansas. The Rhino Times won dismissal of that suit in court but the Knights appealed that decision.The Rhino Times lawsuit against the Knights was dismissed without prejudice, which means that if The Rhino Times is used to distribute the Knights newsletter, The Rhino Times can simply file the same lawsuit.The Knights have to be worried that other newspapers that have similar problems will also file lawsuits against the Knights of the KKK and it will be spending a lot of time and money simply defending itself in court. It would be great if other newspapers would follow The Rhino's lead, but, as far as we have been able to determine, although using newspapers to distribute the Knights of the KKK newsletter is a common practice.