Monday, January 21, 2008

Jessica Gray: Admits that dogs can join the Knights Party

Seen above is Jessica while she stares down the pot roast and cake.

Staff - It amazes me how people will deny things then turn around and openly admit it later on down the road. for months Jessica Gray claimed a "dog" was not part of the Knights Party.

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Although it is off topic, I find it interesting that your members have soooo much free time and money that they can join other groups to troll and surf their web boards just to create problems. Says quite about about your member's charcter. Maybe I should sign up for the ANSWP under my dogs name, or maybe just one I pull out of the phone book. - Jessica Gray

Staff - She admits she may sign up for the ANSWP to return the favor since they did that to the Knights Party. One problem, Bill White does background checks and doesn't live off of movement money like Thom Robb...

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