Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Child slave labor at the Knights Party HQ ?

I find it sick when people use their children to make a quick buck. That idea alone is Jewish in nature.

Look at April Gadee of the National Alliance. That whore forced her children into making music. She didn't care that they were being exposed to child molesting perverts such as Kevin Strom, Matt Downey or John Justice. All April saw was dollar signs. The well being of her children meant nothing.

After doing some research, it seems Thom Robb is doing the same with his teen age grand-daughters.

First off, here is their website, http://heritageconnection.tv/.

Second, read their blog, http://www.heritageconnectionband.blogspot.com/. Is it just me or does it look like every blog is being coached? What I mean is, it seems like like they are talking like robots. They are saying what they are told to say by someone else. That is the feeling I get. You read and make up your own mind.

Third, take a look at the gift shop, http://www.ozarkcrafts.net/music.htm. Like April, the Knights Party are using underage children against their will to make a quick buck - sick.

Fourth, look at this link, http://heritageconnection.tv/About.htm. Nice that they post pictures of their underage kids for any sick pervert to download. But then again, what should we expect from the leadership of the Knights' Party? Anyway they can make a quick dollar is okay in their eyes.

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