Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michael Burks and Pastor Visser expose the Knights Party and their membership

This was the best ANSWP show of all time as far as I'm concerned. Out of all the shows with Bill White and Von, I'd take this show over any of them any day.

The Knights Party and many of their members are exposed with great detail and fact -

1) Learn about the $350 brick scam by Thom Robb

2) Learn all the lies and slander committed by Randy and Jessica Gray

3) Non-white members of the Knights Party

4) FBI membership in the Knights Party

5) News reporters openly join and expose members while the leadership does nothing

6) Mark and Debbie Downey teach Talmudic views over Christian views

7) The Drunk members of the Knights Party are exposed

And so much more. If you have not heard this show, please listen here People, you need to know the truth about such frauds. These people are not for the white race. Read over this blog. The leadership or members of the Knights Party cannot prove anything here to be a lie or false. Instead, they use slanderous attacks against us. Again, we will offer them $50 for anything they can prove to be false here. So far they have not taken us up on our bet which we challenged them over with two months ago.

Why? Because, they are frauds with no truth in them!

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